Loosing My Religion - Live in Seattle
Jacqui Naylor plays the Blue Note NYC
November 24, 2016

Lucky Girl Trailer
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"Naylor remains one of the most superbly arresting vocalists around." Read more...


The process, which Ms. Naylor calls "acoustic smashing," marked a turning point in her career. Read more...

Wall Street Journal

Jacqui Naylor has brought new twists to the notion of melding jazz and pop tunes - without high-tech assistance. Listen Now!

National Public Radio (NPR)

The words are to Gershwin's "Summertime," but the music is Gregg Allman's "Whipping Post... Naylor has the chops and sensitivity to pull it off.

NY Magazine

"Jacqui's 'acoustic smashing' of the great American songbook with the classic rock and roll songbook brings both forms to life in a way never heard before."

Ken Dashow Q-104

"Jacqui has a sumptuous voice, knack for scratchiness, and an ability to sweeten those bluesy bent notes."

Village Voice